The Original Amsterdam Flower Boat

The Original Amsterdam  Flower Boat with Local Guide and Bar

Hop aboard the Amsterdam Flower Boat, the first Amsterdam Canal Cruise which is completely covered in flowers. Journey through the serene waters for an intimate encounter with iconic landmarks and blooming tales. Glide along Amsterdam’s storied canals in style as your local guide, passionate about the city’s rich tapestry, reveals the intertwined history of the city and its deep-rooted connection to flowers.

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  • Beautifully decorated Flower Boat
  • €24,50 per person
  • On Board Bar
  • 100% Electric
  • Centre Located
  • Up to 30 seats
  • Private Cruise on request
  • Learn the story of the Amsterdam Flower Bike Man
  • Due to high demand, we advice you to book in advance
Original Amsterdam Flower Boat
Amsterdam Flower Boat
Flower boat Amsterdam

Enjoy Amsterdams Original and first Flower Boat

From the vibrant tulips that have long symbolized Dutch resilience to the rare blooms that capture the hearts of visitors, each story adds a colorful layer to your experience. Merge the scenic beauty of canals with the allure of a flower-themed voyage. Every turn presents a new photo opportunity, ensuring your memories are as vivid and beautiful as the landscapes around you. Let the boat’s elegant design, inspired by the city’s floral obsession, provide the perfect backdrop for pictures.

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Be captivated by the romantic saga of the Amsterdam Flower Bike Man, a testament to the enduring love story that blossomed into a citywide symbol of affection and fame. Let the narrative touch your heart, enriching your understanding of Amsterdam’s cultural fabric.

Best canal cruise in Amsterdam

Starboard is proud of our luxury boats, our amazing staff, but mostly, we are proud of the incredible city of Amsterdam. Whilst you relax and enjoy an amazing cruise around the canals, we will share our love of the city and the stories it has to tell with you. During the cruise, you can enjoy your unlimited drinks, learn some history, and create memories that will last with your friends or family.

Book our Amsterdam canal cruise now and experience one of the best ways to see everything that the city has to offer.

Experience the best private canal cruise Amsterdam has to offer

On request we also offer  private Flower Boat Canal Cruises with groups up to 60 guests. Enjoy the city’s magical canals in the presence of your own private group. Our office staff can help you customise everything in order to create an experience that is perfectly suitable for your group.

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Amsterdam Flower Boat

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