Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020 Theme

Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020 update!

We have an exciting update! The Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020’s theme has been released and it promises to be one of the most thought-provoking and interesting yet! With the theme ‘disrupt!’, artists from around the world will be coming together in Amsterdam to give their interpretations of this subject through the medium of light installations.

Last year we welcomed more than 2500 guests onto our boat for our Amsterdam Light Festival boat cruise and this year we are hoping to show even more people this fantastic event. Each year, the festival grows and we are really excited to show guests the installations of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/20 up against the incredible backdrop of the city’s historic and picturesque canal belt.

amsterdam light festival 2019
Amsterdam light festival art

Stay warm and dry on our boat during the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020

Many people visiting Amsterdam in the winter months (this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival will run from the 28th November 2019 till the 19th January 2020) are understandably concerned about the unreliable weather. This is a reasonable concern and, with a lot of wet weather during these months, it’s important to ensure that you book a trip on a boat with a cover! With our brand-new electric boat with a retractable cover and heated seats, we ensure that you’ll be dry and comfortable whilst enjoying the wonderful art work on display.

Book your Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020 Tickets

We’ll be setting sail each and every day throughout the Amsterdam Light Festival and can’t wait to welcome you aboard to enjoy this fantastic display of contemporary art with us. If you’re visiting Amsterdam between the 29/11 and 19/01 and want to book your Amsterdam Light Festival tickets for our boat cruise, or need some further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re planning on visiting us before then, check out our Amsterdam Boat rental page – the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020 will be a fantastic time to jump aboard the boat, but in the coming summer months, you can’t beat hopping onto our boat, cracking open a cold beer and enjoying the sun!

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