Amsterdam Light Festival Route 2022/2023

Starboard Boats are delighted to reveal the official Amsterdam Light Festival Route 2022/2023.

Slightly different to last year’s route, Amsterdam Light Festival 2022/23’s route will take you from Oosterdok, along the Amstel to Nieuwe Keizersgracht before going on to, Entrepotdok.

The great thing about this year’s route is that it shows a completely different side to the city than many people would see whilst visiting. Rather than staying in the central canal belt or over-crowded Red Light District, this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival route will take you through the beautifully picturesque Eastern part of the city centre, allowing you to enjoy and take in the art installations in more peaceful and reflective surroundings. This is, perhaps, in stark contrast to the theme, ‘Disrupt!’, which will be interpreted in a multitude of different ways by the diverse variety of artists and their exhibitions.

We’re so excited to show you all along the Amsterdam Light Festival Route this year, and our professional hosts and skippers will be taking several groups through each of the installations daily. All 25 artworks are presented against the backdrop of the city’s stunning 17th century canals and several important buildings or locations that have a connection with the theme will also be highlighted and incorporated into the art in different ways.

The Amsterdam Light Festival’s route really does take you on a journey through the city, it’s history as well as its contemporary culture and allows you to glimpse into the minds of some of the greatest modern artists of our generation. For a better understanding check out our Amsterdam Light Festival 2018/2019 throwback

Amsterdam Light Festival Art 2018/2019
Amsterdam Light Festival Art

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The Amsterdam Light Festival is rightly regarded as one of the greatest exhibitions of contemporary light art anywhere in the world and the best way to see it is aboard our boat with a glass of gluhwein and the excellent service provided by our knowledgeable local hosts and professional skippers. This exhibition can be viewed from the first of December until 22 Januari 17.00-23.00.
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