Dinner Cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dinner Cruise​

Starboard Boats’ Amsterdam dinner cruise is a unique experience which takes you through the history, culture and cuisine of the Dutch capital. While cruising on the cities canal belt you will taste the cuisine of the Netherlands (and Amsterdam in particular). Trying a country’s best-loved food is a great way of exploring its culture and tucking into the tastiest treats that Amsterdam has to offer is no exception to this rule.

Starboard’s fabulous hosts will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have, whilst they tell you the fascinating story of Amsterdam and show you the best of the city they love through their eyes! Enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of the city is a perfect opportunity to delve into the side of the city often missed by tourists!

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  • 100% Electric
  • Drinks included
  • Amstel 178
  • From €35 per person
  • Up to 60 seats
  • Luxurious & comfortable boat
  • Covered boat with an open deck
  • Due to high demand, we advice you to book in advance
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Amsterdam boat rental

Enjoy the number one Amsterdam dinner boat 

Amsterdam is home to an incredibly diverse range of communities from across the world (the city is home to people of 176 different nationalities!) so it’s no surprise that this colourful city is home to an equally diverse variety of foods which are served on our amsterdam dinner boat! The city’s various immigrant communities that have come to the Netherlands throughout recent decades have brought their own cuisines with them and we will discuss and explore some of these along the canal cruise. Although the hearty Dutch food that has been enjoyed for centuries continues to make up the staple of meals served at home in many households, this isn’t so when it comes to restaurants and takeaways. Food from previous colonies, in particular, is extremely popular with the Dutch and each community who has made Amsterdam home, has contributed a little of their home cuisine to the city’s vibrant food scene.


Our Amsterdam dinner boat aims to reflect this, giving our guests the opportunity to taste a variety of Dutch favourites, from traditional home-cooked fare to the newer arrivals in the city’s food scene. Each mouthful will be accompanied by a great story about how it ended up being dished up in Dutch kitchens no matter where its roots lie.


Amsterdam canal dinner cruise 

Looking for a culinary experience or Amsterdam with a twist? Whether it’s an Amsterdam canal dinner cruise or a regular canal cruise, the city’s canals will look beautiful as always.

Our Amsterdam dinner cruise is the perfect choice for a culinary experience with a twist. And is much more than just snacks – you’ll get to enjoy an open bar for the whole duration of the trip, allowing you to wash down the delicious food with great wine and local beer! The saying goes that a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine and although we can’t always guarantee that the weather will be perfect, we can certainly take care of the wine and the meals… Our attention to detail and our passion for food (and sailing!) is what makes this Amsterdam canal dinner cruise extra special and an experience to remember.

Best boat restaurant in amsterdam

We are proud to call our Amsterdam boat restaurant one of the best experiences a foodie can have in the city we call home. We’re always delighted to share some of the tasty treats that we love to enjoy, as often as possible, with anyone who joins us! This is the perfect way to combine a boat trip along the beautiful canals with a unique insight into the contemporary culture of the city we call home. We live by the mantra that you have to taste a culture to understand it and we can’t wait to join you on the journey!

Book our amsterdam dinner cruise now and experience one of the most unusual, fun and tasty ways to see everything that the city has to offer! See the city through all of your senses!

Experience the best private dinner cruise amsterdam has to offer 

On request we also offer a private amsterdam dinner cruise with groups up to 60 guests. Enjoy the city’s magical canals in the presence of your own private group. Our office staff and chefs can help you customise a menu that is perfectly suitable for your group.
For special requests please reach out to sail@starboardboats.nl