Proposing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities in the world – its beautiful canals, historic bridges adorned with colourful tulips, and narrow winding streets make it a truly breath-taking place to spend time with a loved one. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Amsterdam is one of the best places to propose in Europe! And Starboard Boats are here to offer the perfect way to get the all-important ‘yes!’.

We’ve had a number of people place their trust in us to help them with the perfect Amsterdam proposal over the years and we like to consider ourselves the ultimate wingmen/women! We’re definitely romantics at heart and are always delighted when we’re asked to help someone ask life’s most important question! We are proud to offer the most romantic private boat tour Amsterdam has to offer.

The perfect Amsterdam proposal ideas…

Aboard our luxury boat, adorned with rose petals, an ice-cold bottle of champagne just waiting to be popped, and anything else that you request to make it as personal and special for you, you’ll find your dream place to pop the special question.

Gliding along some of the most scenic waterways in the world, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the city together and we are always delighted to make your dreams a reality. We will always strive to make it as personal as possible – after all, anything is possible in Amsterdam! 

Luxury is synonymous with Starboard’s Amsterdam boat rental and we have the experience to make one of life’s most important milestones as special as possible for both of you. Whether you want to be serenaded by a musician, have the special moment captured by a photographer or have the boat decorated in your loved one’s favourite flowers, we will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect atmosphere.

Make your Amsterdam Proposal one to remember…

At Starboard Boats, we are all about making memories – and this is one of life’s moments that you will never forget so be sure to make it a good one! On this, the most breathtakingly romantic boat tour Amsterdam can offer, you’ll be able to enjoy every moment as we ensure that everything runs without a hitch. 

If you need everything to be perfect, put your trust in Starboard to take care of the details whilst you enjoy one of the most special, intimate and important moments of your life. Start the next exciting chapter of your lives together as you mean to go on – to happiness, health and the beginning of one of life’s great adventures!

Find the best places to propose in amsterdam

The Amsterdam canal belt forms the beautiful old heart of the city – it’s historic canal houses line winding, peaceful waterways and the best way to see it is definitely by boat. There are even two ‘lovers bridges‘ crossing the Amsterdam canals

The first of these is the Magere Brug (skinny bridge). The legend goes that a couple who kiss as they sail underneath or walk across the bridge are to be blessed with eternal love (our host will be sure to tell you when you’ll be passing so you don’t miss the moment!). The other is the Staalmeestersbrug, where couples leave a so-called ‘lovelock’ with their names written on it as a gesture of devotion.

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We’re always happy to discuss any of your ideas and help you to realise your dreams. Get in contact with us now and find out what Starboard Boats can do to make special moments become unforgettable memories.