Visiting a Canal House in Amsterdam

As you walk or sail along the canals of Amsterdam you’ll see the famous canal houses which give the city’s historic centre its distinctive architectural style. These ‘dancing houses’ (known as such due to the fact that they are now so wonky) were once homes for wealthy merchants but now are mostly offices or hotels. […]

Amsterdam Gay Pride 2019

Amsterdam gay pride

Amsterdam Pride is one of the highlights of the summer as thousands of people descend on the centre of the Dutch Capital to enjoy one of the city’s biggest and most colourful celebrations. The main canal parade (which takes place on the 3rd August) sees a whole load of brilliant floats and boats travelling along […]

Luxury Amsterdam – A guide to the finer side of the city

Luxury in Amsterdam

Amsterdam and luxury aren’t always words that go together. Images of stag parties on wild weekends, budget hotels and late-night kebabs are a fair representation of one (but far from the only) side of the city. However, step outside the Red-Light District, turn your eyes away from Leidseplein’s all-you-can-eat spareribs meal deals and you will […]

Top 5 Annual Events taking place on Amsterdam’s Canals

amsterdam gay pride

One of the best things about Amsterdam is that there are so many fantastic annual events taking place each year in the city – and many of them take place along our beautiful canals, which have played an essential part in the formation of the city’s culture (and continue to do so). From celebrations of […]