Tuk Tuk Amsterdam

Tuk Tuks might be more often associated with the far east than the Netherlands but they have become a popular mode of transport for the adventurous tourist seeking an alternative way to get around the city. The Tuk Tuks in Amsterdam are powered completely by electricity so are the perfect option for environmentally conscious visitors and offer a unique way to see the sights as you zip around the city without a care in the world!

Tuk Tuk Sightseeing Amsterdam

Each Tuk Tuk can carry up to six passengers in comfort and style and, with a local guide driving you on a tour of hotspots and hidden gems, it’s difficult to think of a better way to hit the city streets. Perhaps the biggest benefit of getting in a Tuk Tuk, asopposed to a more traditional tourist sightseeing bus, is that you can easily weave your way through the narrow city streets of Amsterdam’s historic centre. After all, when you’re trying to see as much of a city as possible, you don’t want to be hindered by narrow lanes – these tight but historic thoroughfares often make up the beating heart of the city and would be a real shame to miss. On a Tuk Tuk City Tour Amsterdam is accessible to all!

And although when you think of Tuk Tuks more tropical climes may spring to mind, they’re also just as suited to wetter parts of the world. Come rain or shine, getting in a Tuk Tuk is a practical way to squeeze as much into a sightseeing tour as possible, whilst staying warm and dry – much more fun than traipsing around in the rain trying to find your way around using a weather-beaten map.

Tuk Tuks – Amsterdam to the Orient!

Tuk Tuks were invented almost 100 years ago in Japan and spread throughout the far east, quickly becoming the go-to method of urban transport. For example in Thailand, they are the best way to explore Bangkok at night.

Amsterdam may be better known for its two-wheeled transport but these fun three-wheelers are a great alternative and provide a great opportunity to see everything that the city has to offer. They are also the perfect option for people who like to take a lot of photos as it’s easy to pull over whenever something captures your eye and get snapping – a luxury not afforded by virtually any other form of transport in the city.

Amsterdam has long been a city influenced by the East – from the city’s favourite Indonesian dishes to the Zeedijk’s bustling china town, Tuk Tuks are the latest in a long line of oriental arrivals in the Dutch capital.

Tuk Tuk Tour Amsterdam

A Tuk Tuk city tour is Amsterdam’s latest way to see the city’s top sights in one go. Ideal for people who want to fit as much into a relatively short period as possible, this entertaining and informative tour is led by a great local guide who will be able to show you the sights whilst answering any questions you might have in your own language!

Book a Tuk Tuk – Amsterdam’s latest and greatest way to get around!

To enjoy this unique sightseeing tour and spend an immensely pleasurable and exciting afternoon in these fun Tuk Tuks, get in touch now! Are you looking for another electric way of transportation? Check our our private amsterdam boat tour