Where and when to see Tulips in Amsterdam

Why are there so many Tulips in Amsterdam?

Tulips have been associated closely with the Netherlands and Holland in particular, since the 16th century. The first tulips in Amsterdam came from what is now modern-day Turkey. Having been discovered by European diplomats who were working in the courts of the Ottoman Empire, they quickly became popular in the Netherlands and the so-called ‘tulip mania’ swept the country. They appeared in Golden Age paintings (you can see many examples of paintings of tulips in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum) and quickly became associated with the country – since the 17th century, the Dutch have been the biggest producers of these pretty flowers in the world.

There’s even a museum dedicated to tulips in Amsterdam! The Amsterdam Tulip museum on the Prinsengracht is the perfect place to find out a bit more about these pretty flowers and the history of their relationship with the Netherlands and Holland in particular.

When do Tulips bloom in Amsterdam?

Tulips season is generally from early March until mid-May. If ‘when do tulips bloom in Amsterdam?‘ is your first question, your second is bound to be where can you see them! During these months you’ll see the city’s bridges beautifully adorned with tulips. This takes place across the city and whether you’re walking along a suburban canal or wandering around the historic canals of the city centre, you’re bound to come across some. Tulips are also planted in the city’s beautiful parks and Vondelpark, in particular, is the perfect spot to walk amongst these beautiful flowers in tranquility. If you’re visiting Amsterdam outside of this period, however, head down to the Bloemenmarkt where you can find all kinds of tulips at any time of the year – and even buy some bulbs to take home so you’ll be reminded of your trip to Amsterdam every spring! For some detailed advise on the tulips feel free to reach out to our Amsterdam ITA partner Damrep

Tulip Day

Although the natural tulip season is between March and May, National Tulip Day in Amsterdam is celebrated each year in January. The country’s tulip-growers turn Dam Square into a giant tulip garden with approximately two-hundred-thousand blooming flowers! More than ten thousand people come along to pick up their own free tulip each year and this is a tradition that really lets everyone know that spring isn’t so far away. If you’re in Amsterdam in January, Tulip Day is a really wonderful thing to see.

How to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam

Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens situated right here in the Netherlands! Each year, the garden comes alive with millions and millions of tulips and visiting this magical place is an absolute must do for people visiting Holland in the spring. The Keukenhof is situated in the province of South-Holland a short distance from the town of Lisse. Getting to Keukenhof from Amsterdam is fairly straightforward whether you’re traveling by bus or train. The easiest way to plan your route is by using the 9292.nl route planer website, which can be found here.

If you’d prefer to remove all the hassle and travel to Keukenhof with a knowledgeable guide to help you make the most of the Keukenhof (whilst learning about the garden’s fascinating history and Dutch tulip culture), then watch this space… In 2020, we will be offering a fantastic tour to Keukenhof!If you want to see more of the Dutch countryside with its incredible fields of tulips and unique windmill-dotted landscape, take a look at our friends at We Are Amsterdam’s Dutch Countryside and Windmill Tour!