Looking for the best Arcade Amsterdam has to offer? Here are our favourites….

Feeling in the mood for a bit of nostalgia? Whether you’re wanting to recreate a first date many years ago or looking for an Amsterdam stag do or hen do activity with a difference that will take you straight back to when you were kids, it’s difficult to beat an hour or two at the arcade. With retro classics such as air hockey, shoot ‘em ups or those motorbike simulators that you had to beg your Mum and Dad for 50 cents to have a go on, Amsterdam arcades have them all. And when it comes to Arcades in Amsterdam, Ton Ton is a name that is synonymous with fun!

Ton Ton Arcade Room Amsterdam

Ton Ton’s original and best-known Arcade Bar is in Amsterdam’s famous Red-Light District and has everything from retro classics to fun board games! TonTon shows us that you don’t need a luxury PS 5 to have fun and play games in the city! You can grab a beer or a bite to eat from the bar whilst revisiting your childhood – it’s the perfect Arcade for adults! They have pretty much every type of game that you could wish for and Ton Ton now have a number of Arcade Bars across the city.  

Looking for a slightly different Arcade Bar in Amsterdam? 

In addition to the original spot, right amongst the Red-Light District’s windows and girls, there are two other locations in the western part of the city – one in Westerpark and one on Jan Evertsenstraat. The latter (Ton Ton Club 3) is described as a Fun Fair of the future and has everything from Arcade Dance Machines to Mini Golf and is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Amsterdam West.  

The Japanese Arcade – Amsterdam Westerpark 

The Westerpark club is also based around a different theme – Japan. This Japanese-inspired gaming paradise opened up a couple of years after the original Red-Light District establishment and is the perfect place to spend a few hours for the Japanophiles amongst you! You can also enjoy top-quality Japanese food as you transport yourself to Tokyo for a few hours! 

If you’re looking for something different to do in Amsterdam but an Arcade Bar doesn’t tickle your fancy, consider checking out some of the city’s Escape Rooms, or VR Arcades! The best VR Arcade Amsterdam has to offer is just across the water in Noord! You can find out more about it on WAA’s Blog here

We hope you find the perfect Arcade Bar Amsterdam has for you – maybe we’ll see you there and will be more than happy to give you a thrashing at Time Crisis. Or, maybe just Dominoes…