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Join us for the best private boat tour in Amsterdam

Would you like to experience a private boat tour in Amsterdam? Our reputation for excellent service, our local expertise and flexibility to meet your requirements, makes Starboard Boats the perfect people to show you the city we love in absolute luxury and style.

Starboard Boats offers a selection of unforgettable boat cruises, catering to every occasion and always striving to ensure that your group (whether family, friends or corporate) has the best possible experience onboard.

Sailing through the world-famous Amsterdam canals is an absolute must-do for many people visiting Amsterdam and we are here to ensure that your trip is smooth sailing throughout.

Seeing the city’s most iconic sights onboard our luxurious boat, whilst being well looked after by our team of professional hosts and skippers is the best way to see the city we are lucky to call home. An Amsterdam boat trip can be a magical experience and we know that you’ll love every minute you spend onboard with us.

boat rental amsterdam
boat rental Amsterdam

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boat rental amsterdam
Private boat rental amsterdam
Private boat rental amsterdam
Private boat rental amsterdam

Starboard Boats Amsterdam

Whether enjoying a sightseeing cruise with friends and family, an after-work or corporate drinks event with a unique twist, or even a delicious meal on board whilst seeing the best of the stunningly picturesque 17th century canal belt, we always strive to provide the best boat trip Amsterdam has to offer.

With our private boat tour Amsterdam can be seen at its absolute best and as you enjoy delicious food and drinks and are shown the city’s most beautiful sights through the eyes of a local host, the creation of lifelong memories is a certainty.

For your perfect boat experience in Amsterdam, look no further. Sit back in comfort and style and raise a glass to your perfect trip to Amsterdam

Spoil yourselves with an Amsterdam boat rental (a luxurious private boat cruise onboard our fully staffed boat) and take in the incredible atmosphere and the unique perspective that we have to offer.

Experience our Amsterdam Boat Trip

Discover Amsterdam's famous waterways in style

Amsterdam’s canal-filled historic centre became what it is today through centuries of cultural change and events which have changed the path of European and world history. From the city’s humble beginnings as an area of reclaimed land in the middle ages to one of Europe’s most incredible capital cities can be felt as you sail along the city’s waterways. 

These canals have been the lifeblood of the Dutch capital for around 400 years, connecting it to the world for trade and conquest, colonisation and commerce.

These days, Amsterdam is a vibrant, dynamic city and, although it still remains a hub of trade, the canals are more associated with leisure and fun than trading spices from faraway lands. As you weave your way through these incredible waterways on a Private Boat Tour, Amsterdam’s best professional hosts and guides will be able to answer any questions that you might have and go the extra mile to ensure that your time is spent well in this paradise on earth!

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