Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise

#1 rated canal cruise in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise

When in Amsterdam, you can’t miss out on doing the most popular activity the city has to offer; a canal cruise. But what most people don’t know is that you can also do an Amsterdam evening canal cruise. Enjoy the city’s sight from a completely different perspective. While drifting under the stars, you can experience the beautiful historical centre, all lit up, from a warm and cosy luxury boat. Whether on a solo, couple, or group trip, this is the perfect activity to make your trip to Amsterdam unforgettable.

Luxury and comfort with an Amsterdam night canal cruise

Enjoy the city at our 75-minute Amsterdam night canal cruise complete with drinks and comfortable pillows. On every cruise, you are accompanied by a professional and knowledgeable host that can tell you everything you need to know about the city of Amsterdam. And of course, you get a fantastic captain that will make sure you get to see the best sights in Amsterdam during the evening. Discover the historical canals of Amsterdam tonight!

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  • From €275 per hour for private cruise
  • €25 per person for public cruise
  • Well-stocked bar
  • 100% Electric
  • Up to 40 people
  • Luxurious & comfortable
  • Due to high demand, we advice you to book in advance
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Beautiful sights with an evening canal tour Amsterdam

As you cruise through the canals during the best evening canal tour Amsterdam has to offer, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery and the moonlight reflection on the water. The boats have an open deck that allows all passengers to enjoy the view at maximum viewing experience. You will have a chance to see all kinds of Amsterdam nightlife activities while sailing through Amsterdam’s canals. 


Book the best night canal tour Amsterdam has to offer now

Experience Amsterdam from a different perspective and book the most fun  night canal tour Amsterdam has with us today! If you have any questions or issues, simply drop us an email or a Whatsapp and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Experience an evening canal cruise in Amsterdam

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion in style, or just searching for a perfect evening out with friends, we offer the flexibility to provide an unforgettable evening canal cruise in Amsterdam. If you want to experience some quality time just with your friends or family this is a great option for you. One of our captains will show you the best boat experience in Amsterdam, leaving you to focus on the important things – kicking back and soak in Amsterdam’s laidback atmosphere and world-famous sights. This unforgettable experience is waiting just for you. Make your reservations below and let your amazing evening cruise begin!

Our Menu


  • Open Dutch Bar (per person, per hour) €12

    Beer, Wine (white and rose, red upon request) & Soda. Served in ice and as much as you'd like.
    Complimentary coffee (Nespresso machine) & tea upon request available.

  • All Inclusive Bar (per person, per hour) €17,50

    Upgrade your open Dutch bar with 1 choice of unlimited spirit + mix (e.g Gin & Tonic, Whiskey & Cola etc.). Served with fresh cut lemons or cucumbers. This price includes Beer, Wine & Soda.

  • Prosecco (per bottle) €20

    Served with Prosecco glasses

  • Champagne (per bottle) €85

    Moët & Chandon, served with Champagne glasses

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Most Popular

  • Luxurious "Starboard" platter €85

    Selection of seasonal Mediterranean snacks such as Serrano ham, Prosciutto, Salami, Brie, aged Manchego and Mozzarella served with dips, fresh fruits and vegetables, focaccia and bread

  • Dutch snacks (per Portion) €10

    Selection typical "Borrel" fried finger-food: x2 Bitterballen, x2 Spicy chicken spring rolls, x2 Cheese sticks, x2 Veggie spring rolls

  • local deli Sandwiches (per person) €12

    Selection of fresh sandwiches (Carpaccio, caprese, BLT, tuna\salmon\surimi salads, meatball, chicken-avocado, fillet American and many other variations.

  • Pizza (per person) €15

    Fresh pizza with any topping in mind. Please contact our office for the full menu.

  • BBQ cruise (per person) €30

    Grill master onboard which will prepare: 3 types of meat, salads, different sauces and buns.

We offer a bigger selection of buffets, catering and arrangements.
Please press here for more options. 

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