Amsterdam Light Festival Van Gogh

Amsterdam Light Festival Tickets

One of the winter highlights of the beloved city of Amsterdam is the Amsterdam Light Festival. After a year away, the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary and this calls for something extra special! To mark the long awaited return of the display and to celebrate its past success; this year sees both famous and favourite artworks […]

Cocktail Bars Amsterdam

Jungle Club Amsterdam

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly crafted cocktail, enjoyed with friends or those you love in an exciting new city. And for cocktail bars and workshops Amsterdam is difficult to beat – the city has a variety of fantastic places to get a perfectly mixed drink, from dimly lit speakeasy bars to sophisticated rooftops with […]

Tuk Tuk Amsterdam

Tuk Tuks might be more often associated with the far east than the Netherlands but they have become a popular mode of transport for the adventurous tourist seeking an alternative way to get around the city. The Tuk Tuks in Amsterdam are powered completely by electricity so are the perfect option for environmentally conscious visitors […]

Amsterdam Light Festival 2021 – 2022

Amsterdam Light festival

2021 will mark the tenth anniversary of the Amsterdam Light Festival. This year’s edition will be a bit different to previous years as it will feature six of the most popular installations from the last decade, as decided by a public vote. These six highlights will be part of a fantastic exhibition route of twenty […]

Amsterdam Birthday Boat

Party Boat Amsterdam

When Amsterdammers have a birthday party to celebrate, they love getting on a boat, loaded with drinks and all their friends and setting sail for a party on the water! As well as being the perfect way to see the city sights, spending your birthday on a boat is a great opportunity to enjoy the […]

Karaoke Bar Amsterdam

Amsterdam karaoke

Besides offering private boat tours we also like to inform our guests on things to do in the city we love the most. In this blog we describe the best karaoke bars in town for a fun night out. Whether you are looking for a private booth or a public Karaoke bar, Amsterdam offers both. […]

Proposing in Amsterdam

Wedding proposal amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities in the world – its beautiful canals, historic bridges adorned with colourful tulips, and narrow winding streets make it a truly breath-taking place to spend time with a loved one. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Amsterdam is one of the best places to propose in […]

Visiting a Canal House in Amsterdam

As you walk or sail along the canals of Amsterdam you’ll see the famous canal houses which give the city’s historic centre its distinctive architectural style. These ‘dancing houses’ (known as such due to the fact that they are now so wonky) were once homes for wealthy merchants but now are mostly offices or hotels. […]