Karaoke Bar Amsterdam

Besides offering private boat tours in Amsterdam we also like to inform our guests on things to do in the city we love the most. In this blog we describe the best karaoke bars in town for a fun night out. Whether you are looking for a private booth or a public Karaoke bar, Amsterdam offers both. Find out more below.

Karaoke Amsterdam

Karaoke may have its routes in Japan but it has certainly found a home in the Netherlands. The Dutch love a good sing-song (go into any Brown Cafe of an evening if you need proof!) but if you’d like the opportunity to sing your heart out in your own language, visiting one of the city’s Karaoke bars is a great way to spend an evening in Amsterdam. If you’re at a birthday party or Hen Party in the Dutch capital and want to have a go at the best Karaoke bar Amsterdam has to offer, or you’re just looking for a different way to spend an evening, there are plenty of places to try.

But for visitors with a limited amount of time (or perhaps those of you who are less keen to trudge around for hours getting blisters in those heels), you’re in luck –  we’ve narrowed some of the options down to the best Karaoke bars Amsterdam has to offer. Here, we take you through some of our favourite spots where you can enjoy Karaoke Amsterdam-style!

1) Duke of Tokyo (Private Karaoke Bar Amsterdam)

If you’re looking for a great private karaoke bar, Amsterdam’s Duke of Tokyo could be just the spot for you. This Karaoke Bar on Amsterdam’s Gay Street (The Reguliersdwarsstraat) is one of the newest in the city. With private Karaoke Booths (and Japanese Super Toilets with a dazzling array of mod cons and features to match), this Karaoke bar in Amsterdam rivals any in the Japanese capital! The drinks are reasonably priced and are ordered via a tablet in the comfortable Karaoke booth before one of the staff delivers them (no lining up for drinks and hoping that your number isn’t called when you’re next to order at Duke of Tokyo!). For groups looking for a bit of privacy and an authentic Japanese style Karaoke bar which offers everything you could want at a great price, this great spot should be top of your list!

2) Karaoke bar 24k

The best rated Karaoke bar Amsterdam has to offer is Karaoke Bar 24K. Although it’s not a Private Karaoke Bar with booths like Amsterdam’s Duke of Tokyo, the communal spirit and atmosphere really adds something and, no matter whether you’re the next winner of the Voice or make a noise like nails on a chalkboard, you can be sure to count on the support of regulars and visitors alike! The staff are extremely friendly and its location by the famous Amsterdam nightlife square, Rembrandtplein, is difficult to top.

Karaoke Bar Amsterdam

3) KTV Bar

The KTV Bar is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s China Bar and, despite its small size, this place punches well above its weight! Due to its location, this spot is particularly popular with the local Asian restaurant-workers who pop in for a song and a drink after a shift at work! You’re sure to be given a warm welcome and, like Karaoke Bar 24K, the atmosphere is a communal one with all the customers cheering one another on!

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