Spring is coming! Here are our pick of the best things to do in Amsterdam in March

‘March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb…’

January and February can be pretty miserable months in Amsterdam with the year’s worst weather but as March comes along, the days are becoming longer and brighter already! Spring is one of the best times to be in the city – after a long winter, the city has an air of excitement and activity. The flowers start to bloom, there are fewer rainy days and taking a walk through one of the city’s many parks or getting out on the canals are great ways to blow the cobwebs away after the long, dark winter!

Amsterdam Festivals, Events & Exhibitions in March

Open Tower Day

Did you know you can get high as a kite in Amsterdam without stepping foot in a coffee shop? Well, on open tower day you can anyway! The Open Toren Dag event has been extremely popular since its conception in 2012 – on the 21st March this year, the public will be able to climb some of Amsterdam’s highest towers (usually out of bounds) – both modern and historical. The open tower day 2020 will give the perfect opportunity to take a look at this incredible city from a totally different perspective!

Sonic Acts

For those of an arty inclination, Sonic Acts is a fantastic annual festival which explores the fusion of music and performance. The festival offers live cinema, concerts and progressive club nights completely for free! Sonic Acts is partnering with a number of Amsterdam museums, galleries and clubs to put together an extremely comprehensive program. OT301 will be hosting the club nights and if you’re looking for something different to the usual Amsterdam night out it’s well worth checking out!

All things Floral in the Amsterdam Countryside in Spring!

The end of march will see the start of the Tulip season. The Netherlands produces 70% of the world’s commercially-grown flowers and if you happen to be in Holland at the right time you’re in for a treat – the so-called ‘Flower Strip’ stretches for around 20 miles between the towns of Haarlem and Leiden and is home to the Dutch tulip fields which the country is famous for. They spread as far as the eye can see in the countryside surrounding Amsterdam and although a chilly March can delay this spectacle, with this year’s milder weather, you may just be in luck! Even if the flowers aren’t in bloom, you can always get out of the city and take in the beauty of this unique landscape – We Are Amsterdam’s Countryside and Windmill Tour is a great way to explore the rural beauty of the Netherlands.
When the Tulip season is truly in swing during the month of April, We Are Amsterdam are offering tours to the Keukenhof where you can explore the world’s largest flower garden with an expert local guide – watch this space!

Make the most of Amsterdam in the Sun!

March is the month when the weather starts to improve noticeably and getting out and making the most of it is important – Amsterdam is arguably at its most beautiful in the Spring months! March is a great time for a private boat tour – the weather is often pretty good and the canals aren’t busy with tourists so you can enjoy having the canals to yourself more than you would later on in the year! Getting out and making the most of the (hopefully!) improving weather is essential at this time of year and whether you’re exploring canals on a boat, cycling through the park on a bike (or even trying out a Beer Bike – find out more here!) or taking a stroll around this beautiful city, March is a great time to visit.

If you’re planning a Spring weekend in Amsterdam and want to organise anything from a tour of the Dutch Countryside to a Boat Trip through the (hopefully) sunlit canals, get in touch now!